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We believe in Raising The Bar, Below-the-Line by applying less conventional marketing methods, those which challenge the status quo. This is why we adopt a culture of innovation and creativity amongst our team members.  We apply the mindset of thinking out-of-the-box to allow Brands to effectively and efficiently communicate with the Brand’s target audience.

We also believe in Raising the Bar through sustainable development and relationships – whilst at the same time, transferring benefits to the wider community. Perfect Solutions boasts a 135% BEE procurement recognition level and is a certified B BBEE Level 1 supplier in South Africa. In addition, we provide internship programs with mentorship and skills development, to students and young adults; with the further opportunity to be promoted as a permanent member of staff, whilst working their way through the ranks.

With a presence throughout South Africa and regional offices in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town (Head Office), Perfect Solutions is your Brand’s ONE-STOP Below The Line Marketing Agency – Welcome!


Our mission is to connect Brands to their target audiences through innovative and remarkable Below-the-Line marketing communications.


To be the preferred "One-Stop" Below-the-Line Marketing Agency to both private and public sectors, whilst directly contributing to the growth of the South African economy through employment creation.