de leca media

De  Leça  Media is a fully-fledged media agency committed to telling compelling stories through strong imagery and video content. Founder, Ricardo De  Leça , is a product of the Perfect Solutions Entrepreneurship Development Program and has successfully grown a media agency to service clients ranging from small and medium sized businesses and events to large international brands. Through the partnership with Perfect Solutions, De Leça Media can bring greater value to its client through the extended brand activation services.

De  Leça  Media prides itself  in taking clients on a journey of building their story and then bringing it to life through the agency’s vast service offering. De  Leça  Media is known for rapid turn-around times. Through empowering partnered media freelancers, the agency lives the four pillars of Perfect Solutions which includes empowering budding entrepreneurs.


Service offering



  • Event

  • Commercial

  • Corporate portraits

  • Studio

  • Pack shots



  • Event

  • Commercial

  • Studio



  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Wifi stations

  • Cellphone charging

  • Stations

  • Live digital content